Switched To Mac…And Lovin’ It

Yes! My Macbook has finally arrived. I’m thinking of giving it a name. Well, not really. Today is Day 1 of my Macbook. I haven’t been able to explore it much yet. But I’m lovin’ it. I can’t give a review yet. I don’t have to. Many people have done reviews of it already anyway. I’ll probably post my experiences with my newest gadget.

Getting this Macbook is costly. Especially if you don’t have the cash. But thanks to Charlie of Digital Hub, he gave me a discount even though I bought it via 0% credit card installment. Let’s just say I sacrificed around P8500 so that I could get my Mac now instead of waiting until I saved enough cash. Hopefully, I could recover that “sacrifice” through my earnings in adsense, matched, and in my online stock trading. My Zen Vision M 60GB is definitely for sale already since it can’t sync with the Mac. I might throw in my phat PSP as well just to have additional cash.

That’s it for now. Still got lots of learning to do…