iPhone 3G – Philippines Release Date

Just like this geek, everyone else is waiting for the Apple iPhone 3G to be officially released here in the Philippines. As of now, Globe Telecom has not announced any specific release date yet. A hint, however, points to an August 22, 2008 release date. If the rumors are indeed true, then I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Globe would abide by Steve Jobs’ promise that the 8GB iPhone 3G would only cost $199. But of course, as we all know, that’s just wishful thinking. Just in case Globe would sell the iPhone 3G the way Power Mac Center sells the Macs (F*n OVERPRICED), then I might turn to the iPhone 3G gray/black market, if ever there is one. And if later software upgrades still could not address the iPhone 3G’s shortcomings, then I just might as well not wait for its release date and get an iPhone Killer instead.? That iPhone Killer, though, is yet to be known, but there are many worthy candidates. Having said that, I am still hoping that the iPhone 3G would be as affordable as promised and would have an early release date here in the Philippines.