Nobody won Thursday night?s draw of the Superlotto 6/49 with a jackpot prize of P216,452,088.00, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said.
Thursday?s jackpot prize was the biggest since the P202-million pot last October 2002, which was won by six people, according to PCSO.

Superlotto is drawn every Thursday and Sunday. – GMANews.TV

playslip649Nice! I still got a chance of winning over Php216Million (approx.US$5Million). I’m not really into joining lotteries because of the very low probability of winning. But with that kind of jackpot, I think I gotta take the chance.Php216Million is a heck lot of money. It’s about 600 years worth of my monthly salary. It could fund one’s retirement or setup a business. In fact, I already have a plan on how to use the money. I’d keep about 10 years worth of emergency fund. I’d probably donate some to charities and churches. Then invest some in mutual funds, stocks, real estate, business franchises. The dream wedding wouldn’t be hard on the pockets anymore. I could finally go around the country. A European tour would be nice too. Cars for everyone in the family. Condo units here and there, then rent them out. Build a resort somewhere. WAIT! I gotta win first. LOL!