Savings Tip #4: If You Can’t Skip The Latte, Brew Your Own

Dollars funnel.So what do coffee addicts like me do? Brew my own! If you really can’t live without Starbucks Coffee, do the next best thing. Buy their coffee beans and brew it yourself. Buying coffee beans is a fraction of a cost. A 250g coffee beans at Starbucks costs you about P300.. that can make you dozens of coffee already. If you are so fixated with Starbucks, you might even want to buy their Starbucks mug that they sell for about P350. One time purchase is all you need and you can experience the real thing, in a cost effective way.

Tips for serious coffee drinkers… the best way to brew coffee is through a coffee press, much better tasting than using automatic coffee makers and no electricity cost. Just dump your ground beans (coarse for press), add hot water, wait for about 2 minutes, and press… great tasting coffee! There are other great tasting coffee beans other than Starbucks — go to your local grocery and buy the cheaper local beans, they taste as good. But my favorite beans are the mountain beans in Baguio. If you got a friend who is going to Baguio, ask him/her to go to the palengke and buy you a kilo of baguio coffee (mountain coffee is best) at about P150 per kilogram! That will brew you over a hundred cups, talk about cost savings and at the same time, great tasting coffee. Baguio mountain coffee is one the cheapest coffee I ever saw, and it is the best tasting coffee I ever had. Trust me, I know coffee! Batangas Coffee, Tagaytay Coffe? they all good as well.

Take your coffee daily, and still save. No need to sacrifice quality for cost. Okay, all this writing about coffee makes me want to go down and brew me a cup — I got baguio mountain coffee around, courtesy of a good friend who always knows how to make me happy. There are lots of practical savings tip at, you may want to check the site soon.

Before the readers think that Starbucks paid me to write this (I wish they did), I am not endorsing any coffee shop ? I just want to make a point and write something close to home for many of us. Save money and drink your favorite Starbucks, its like having your cake and eating it too. Just drink it like I do. If that?s not Personal Finance for some ?experts? well, that?s Personal Finance to me! Happy savings, and have a caffeine blast!