4 Reasons Why Credit Cards Are Better Than Cash

I know I just said in an earlier post that cash is king. But sometimes, I still prefer to swipe my credit card instead of paying in cash. Here a 4 reasons why credit cards are better than cash:

  1. You pay the exact amount – There are some notorious shops/fastfoods that don’t give loose change if you don’t ask for it. A few weeks ago, I paid Php197 for a food bill. The actual bill was Php196.30, but I got no change. Not even 50 centavos.
  2. Convenience – There is no more need to fall in line at the ATM machines to withdraw cash. Just swipe it, and you’re done.
  3. Cash back – Some credit cards give out up to 3% rebates on gas, grocery, and dining out expenses.
  4. Safety – In cases of theft, when cash is stolen, it’s gone for good. Credit cards can be easily blocked/deactivated when stolen.

And since I always pay my credit card bills on time, everything works to my advantage, to the point that it becomes easy to waive my credit cards’ annual fees. How about you? Do you prefer cash? Or credit cards?